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From the beginning of using steel framing has been an exciting ride, too say the least. I had been in the commercial HVAC business for thirty plus years and kept observing steel framing instead of wood, wondering why this hadn’t come to the residential market. In the late 90’s here we go, I ordered a load of steel and built a 3000 sq. ft. stick by stick and what a dead loser, as I began to think penalization was the way to go and the future of house building. Two years later a panel jig was built, and building wall panels was launched these walls were 20’ long and came in 8’ to 10’ high. I had found installing these panels was fast and easier. Making panels was the best being made in a controlled environment they could be constructed night, day, rain or shine. Finding many advantages with steel won’t rot, warp, termite proof and is a noncombustible in fire. Just think home owner insurance is less costly, stronger in storms. Housing is changing as we have known it. Welcome to the Steel Frame Building Revolution.

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