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Think Fast…..
Because the walls, partitions and trusses are made in our plant and trucked to the building site for final assembly by our trained crews, your Atlas Home will be completed in a fraction of the time required for a traditional “stick built” home – and with far less labor costs.

Think Tough…..
Atlas Homes are STEEL FRAME construction, precision engineered and produced in our plant.  That means zero construction waste and zero error.  The framing that is wood in most homes will be STEEL in your Atlas Home.  That means every wall, every floor, every partition, even your roof trusses are laser straight and steel strong.  PLUS, your Atlas Home is 100% insect and rot proof.. ZERO pest control fees.

Think Flexible…..
Atlas home plans are designed to be FLEXIBLE.  That means you can easily expand your Atlas homee in a variety of ways.  If you want to alter or expand your Atlas home, just contact us for prompt service.  We’ll answer your questions, design your alteration, and assemble your expansion on site with the same care and precision that went into your original CozyQuarters home from Atlas Building Systems.

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